From my kitchen window: Tales of a Happy Homemaker

This is where I was most of my first day of 2010. In my kitchen. Beautiful day outside, with lots of leaves in our back yard, even though we don’t have any trees 🙂 A chance to hear the boys playing in the back yard – sometimes this went well, sometimes not so much!

I’ve been inspired by several to be in my kitchen. I would first give hats off to the movie, Julie and Julia. After I first saw it several months ago, I was off in the kitchen trying new things immediately. Not French cooking, but NEW to me dishes. Recently I saw it on DVD – and I just really enjoy that show. I enjoy the happiness that both the J’s found in cooking. And since I’m responsible for feeding 3 others – and boys/men at that, a joyful attitude towards the kitchen is helpful!

My second inspiration comes from the blog I follow Owlhaven. She’s a Mom of 10, most adopted from several different countries. She’s a wonderful inspiration. On her blog I’ve found several recipes and have tried at least 3-4 within the last few days! A few days ago I made her homemade granola recipe that has received rave reviews from the kids and hubs. It is a wondeful topping to the homemade tvorog cheese (aka “Farmer’s Cheese”) that I made mixed with a dab of honey to sweeten! Yummy! This morning I spent my time peeling 10 lbs. of apples to make homemade applesauce. And boy, did it turn out yummy as well! But I forgot, last night I made pasta carbonera (off Owlhaven’s blog as well). It was an easy meal to fix (spaghetti/bacon/onion/garlic/basil or sage/parmesan cheese). I think I need some more spice, but I’m willing to try it again. Easy and cheap is how I would describe it.

That is probably the 3rd reason for my inspiration – trying to save on my grocery bill. Well, actually, that’s only my partial inspiration. Perhaps what propels that is the desire to feed my children wholesome food – even perhaps whole foods. And we’re working toward that end. An ingredient that has worked it’s way out of our pantry is High Fructose Corn Syrup. It is in so many things offered. Yogurt being one of them, along with wanting to avoid Splenda, brought about the Farmer’s Cheese which delightfully fills in for yogurt as well as sour cream, or even a cream-cheese like spread. I was crossing my fingers on the granola, as I continue to try to find an easy go-to snack for the kids that’s not processed. As we passed by the Nutrigrain Food bars at the store (which haven’t been in our house, to my dismay, for some time) and Sammy asked for them, my response was “I’d love to feed them to you cause their easy – but they’re not the best for you.” I was grateful for his acceptance of that truth! Something about having kids makes you want to give them the very best – and learning how to prioritize in the midst of that desire, one of my first priorities is teaching them good eating habits and to enjoy whole foods!

Next up: Spelt bread with molasses. This is my dear Judy’s recipe that she has finally written down after learning the process of it being completely down in the fridge. That recipe is LOVE to me. We’ve had this bread several times and SO enjoy it! I can’t wait for it to smell up the house and to eat it! And it will go well with our tvorog cheese as well. Yum.

And somewhere in between I’ll be trying a green smoothie – something along the lines of spinach/apple/carrot/tvorog/honey. I’ll post how it turns out. Along with my inspiration to try that.

Well, my blog time is spent. I’m pooped. We’ve had our black eyed peas and wonderful cabbage (made by the hubs – which was fattening) along with homemade cornbread. Our dessert was easy peach cobbler with a special treat from Schwan’s – cinnamon icecream! Let’s just say, the kids were happy about that!

I had hoped to blog about what Father had shared with me during the Christmas holidays and how I was drawn closer to Him through music. But I have a feeling that is to remain between He and I for now. However, I received some MARVELOUS Christmas gifts and hope to share some photos SOON!


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