In the Kitchen again

Short time to blog; my water is on for my most recent addiction, evening Cafix (caffeine free) – so yummy with a bit of stevia and half n half!

Back at it this week with a few new recipes.

The Potato Soup recipe I tried this week bombed for my family. I held my head high and ate it. It had cinnamon in it and although the boys and I eat a bit of cinnamon on this and that, dear husband not so fond of that much. I know what he’s looking for in a potato soup recipe – rich and creamy. This wasn’t that. I was glad to try it since it was basically dairy free (can use olive oil and calls for coconut milk). So, scratch that one.

But soup has been my aim this week as it is C O L D in our little part of Texas! So today I threw together a friends Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe for lunch. Success! Well, my youngest said yucky – but oldest and husband ate it up. Weirdo me didn’t have beans on hand (normally don’t buy mine but crock pot my beans) so I had to quick cook some. We were on cheese ration as there wasn’t much shredded cheese left. But I’m trying to limit that as well. So 3 out of 4. I’ll take that and not worry. It was easy and threw it in the crock pot so I could work on rearranging/cleaning out the spare bedroom to set it up for our school area.

One of the best things I did this week in the kitchen was put a large package of chicken thighs in the crock pot on Sunday evening. It made a wonderful broth (i used this in my potato soup recipe). The chicken I used throughout the week, first in Chicken Pot Pie (I tried the cream soups substitution recipe I got off recipezaar….it was ok and it probably IS cheaper, but I prefer the soups), which I actually made again later to share with my Auntie (we have 1/2 left to eat for lunch tomorrow….love easy Sunday dinner!). I also put it in my soup recipe today. Oh, and I probably put some in our weekly lunch “usually veggie” soup.

Tried my Spelt bread with molasses earlier this week and it was a hit, even with the husband (shocker!). It was gone in 3 days. This bread is easier to digest – and tastes wonderful to boot! So, another batch coming up on Monday!

Farmer’s Cheese has served us well. I have slipped a bit into Raw Food (picked up Raw Food Diet Detox at the library) so we had mashed up sweet potatoes for breakfast the other day with a bit of FC and drizzled maple syrup. I added granola to mine and Sammy’s. We ate it up. I think youngest went “yucky” again. Hmmm…are his taste buds changing??? Goodness, anything with maple syrup on it can’t be yucky, can it??

Tonight I tried a Dijon-Cider dressing recipe out of the above mentioned book. Whew. Tart. Husband was willing and I think it was easier to work with on our salad. We finished our last bit of Italian dressing the other night and today I threw out the remaining bottles of dressing (all had high fructose corn syrup included, with one being its FIRST ingredient! Yikes!). So I’ll keep looking for a more pleasing dressing. And I think I knew this but was in denial…ketchup has HFCS – bummer. What to do about that? We don’t use it often, but still. I had put raw organic baby carrots ont he table first, to help me eat them instead of fries with our fried fish, and secondly, to see if the boys would eat them. And they did! ANd then Sammy kept wanting more ketchup to dip carrots into…hmmm. Anyhow, boys didn’t eat salad tonight – not sure what they would have thought. Me? I prefer Balsamic Vinegar – love that stuff! Anyhow, seeking dressings made from scratch and that would fall into a healthy category.

My homemade applesauce is 2 1/2 quarts gone. Since a friend of mine gave me the jars, I’m sharing the last quart with her as a thank you and housewarming gift since she recently moved. I’ll be making more applesauce next week but perhaps changing the white sugar to something else, maybe succanant (sp?) or ….

But for breakfast? Saturday morning buttermilk pancakes and I did not have to twist anyone’s arm to eat a little bacon we had available. So as one can tell, I’m not diving off into the raw food craze. However, the book I picked up has provided me with some wonderful information. Information not obesssion, is what I’m after so that I can continue to make better choices for me and my family.

But today – my husband offered me LOVE. Well, I said “Thanks for the drugs.” when he handed me a cold REAL coke (which I hadn’t had all week…). We were trying to get some things done around here and boys were driving us crazy about the time they are normally resting or napping….but we were gifted back with them going to bed early:)

Well, off to cozy up with my cafix and watch those Cowboys! How bout them Cowboys??! (To hear my youngest say that brings a huge smile!).


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