Stone Sunday Chronicles

Multi-tasking as I wait for eggs to hard boil for husband’s lunch, listen to new show “Worst Cooks”, and attempt to blog about my lovely day đŸ˜‰ That looks like I just wrote something for FB….

Today I had the wonderful blessing of being the curled up grey cat I’ve spoken of in my previous blog posts. This, of course, has to do with adjusting to having my busy 5 y.o. sweet boy with us during worship service. So this morning he decided he wanted to go into a large kindergarten class that’s offered during our worship time. I didn’t bat an eye. Off course, then I prayed…worried….prayed some more. He did fine. I did great. He’s a social fella, but that class is really large and was a little overwhelming to him several months ago. Maybe he can come back to worship when he’s….10? J.K.

I have a love/hate relationship with tears. The acceptance of tears and I have come a long way. More often than not, they flow freely during worship through song. Grateful for the pretty handkerchiefs my aunt sent me that were my great grandmothers. They come in handy.

Holy, Holy, Holy,
Merciful and Mighty

The Holy is enough; but add the merciful and mighty and I’m overwhelmed by the glory and depth of His goodness to me. My words of gratitude to Him were simple – and probably fairly Texan. “Thank you, Father, for not squishing me.” This comes from a heart that continues to believe in His love for this sheep – a sheep that bleets and easily rolls over on her back – 4 legs in the air, needing her Shepherd to come sit her upright. A sheep that can easily wander (Prone to wander, Lord I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love). His mightiness could squish me. But in His love, He pours out His mercy. I praise Him for the blood of Christ that covers me. Those were tears of gratefulness for His love – and not being squished. But instead, being completely engulfed by His love for me.

Sunday Meal
I love cooking a good Sunday meal for my family; bringing out the table cloth/cloth napkins/sometimes candles, to make it special. Fortunately today I was able to have a fairly easy go at it by bringing out a frozen homemade chicken pot pie, a fresh salad, corn, and fruit salad w/whip cream for dessert. The kitchen is still dirty despite the easy go at it. Sigh. The perpetualness of the kitchen…

Naps are essential on Sunday. Tony and I almost thought we’d try today without putting the kids down, but it became obvious they needed one – and so did I!

After nap time I got to head out for a solo trip – looking for some boots, black to be exact. No luck. Something has happened to one shoe of my black shoes that go with my pants. So I’ve been wearing this brown slip ons and I’m ready to send them out the door. But I may find myself in them again next Sunday. My trip included a stop at Target for a chai tea latte and vanilla scone. And a quick trip through the store for a few items – hard to make Target a quick trip; they have such cool stuff there.

The boys enjoyed their time with Dad as when I walked in, they both had two felt Trooper hats on their heads. I had forgotten about these. Wow. Are they cute in their hats! Saw switches between being a trooper and a cowboy. Sammy doesn’t flinch – he’s an Alaskan State Trooper (a show they watch with Dad).

Sunday dinner is always easy – and Tony usually finds himself in the kitchen by default. But tonight was easy – warm up chicken tortilla soup; we were out of chips, so he made some from corn tortillas – turned out fine, and I picked up 6 tacos for $3 at Taco Bell. Viola.


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