Parenting Books I just might read

I’ve been reading since….and I think I get a little cranky when I stop taking time to read. It’s been more challenging since I’ve had 2 kids, but I want them to see MOM reading and enjoying it! Sunday afternoon after playing a bit of baseball and kickball with the kids, I gave Sammy time to ride his bike along our side street while I sat out and watched; Saw does his own thing but his “leash” is shorter. So I took a book with me (fiction) I wanted to read…..and in maybe 20 minutes, read 2 pages. Twice. Sigh.

Some time ago I tossed all the parenting books aside. But yesterday I ordered a book I KNEW I needed since a lot of her information is on her website. From something I encountered recently I was faced with the question of what my parenting philosophy is. Hmmm. So after a not-so-fun-parenting incident on Monday evening, I went back to Raising Godly Tomatoes. I’d been recommended this site by a friend some time last year and I remember in July settling on it – and it worked. And then, I guess, somewhere along the days that ran into weeks, I stopped using the methods. Actually, what happened was, I gave my eldest a longer “leash” than he had earned. But, this works for us. So I’m anxiously awaiting my book (but have already gleaned enough from her website to put into action the methods we need to survive/thrive until then). And as I’ve said to my husband before “It would be great if you and i could at least be in the SAME BOOK, even if not on the SAME PAGE!” LOL! And after 48 hours of re-implementing this approach/method/philosophy, we’ve had us some great two days!

The other parenting book I’ve poked my nose into recently is Tim Kimmel’s “Legacy of Love.” One of the kids actually took this book off the shelf one day and laid it on top of my stack by my chair. When I ran out of the house for a little diet vanilla coke down at the local Sonic after a particulary challenging day, I went to grab my bible and anything else that might jump out at me…and Legacy of Love did. And it was helpful and Father nailed for me why I was so troubled that day by my eldest’s behavior. It was an issue of character. And when I got home, Tony and I talked with him and we were able to settle it with God’s Word. Amazing.

I’ve picked up another book recently at a fabulous used book store in a nearby town. I could just stroll in that store for hours just reading the titles of books! It’s like a big ole’ hug from the books when you walk in. Love it. There I found a book “Whole Child/Whole Parent” by Berends. No doubt, it challenges my reading level – LOL! But it’s got some gems in it and after reading a bit out of it, I had new eyes for my boys. Inquisitive. Accepting. Understanding. Listening.

Certainly on my list: Wild at Heart, Bringing up Boys, The Strongwilled Child (this should have come out with Sammy when he was born!), The Birth Order Book, Shepherding a Child’s Heart. All these in no particular order.

Well, so many books. So little time. Not to mention all the wonderful blog info that’s out there! I hope to later share about the stack of fiction books that’s crossing my threshold.


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