Stone Sunday Chronicles

Today was a spectacular day full of rest, family, and friends.  I had originally planned to be at an educational conference this weekend with the hopes of finishing the weekend with friends in Frisco.  Ah, but we’ve had one financial excitement after another, so no conference this year nor weekend away.  But I had scheduled a substitute for our pre-k class at church today, so this is how things unfolded in our family on our day of rest.

Since our coffee maker broke, the rule is, whoever wakes up first on Saturday goes to get the coffee…and since we couldn’t get coffee at church today, husband was the coffee man.  After breakfast, he took our youngest and went to finish a paint job he’s working on.  Youngest said he had a fabulous time, and for a while was entertained by a vice by crushing things, as well as two jumping spiders.  By the way, today was no electronics day for either boy.  We’ve been on a break for a week, so they’ve had more free time for screen….and I think they’re fried.  Not the screens, but the boys!

So, no screen time amounted to this LOVELY vision of our oldest on the couch, relaxing and READING.  Oh, I can’t tell you how I adore such scenes.  This is my boy who has been busy from the words “in my womb”….always  on the go.  He played some ball.  Then read some more.  Visited some neighbors.  Read some more.

I piddled.  Now, the dictionary’s definition of piddle is this:  to spend time in a wasteful, trifling, or ineffective way.,  However, I don’t agree with that definition.  Piddling can be productive…and pleasurable.  So that’s what I did.  Nothing hard, but relaxing piddling.   Part of my piddling including drawing with my new coloring pencils our oldest gave me for Mother’s Day.  I also did some repotting of plants.  I made another bird feeder out of an empty vinegar jug.  Love watching my birds at the feeder.

The mid afternoon sent us flying down the road to exchange boys.  Youngest and I headed off to the dance recital of a dear friend -we’ve been friends (and her mom and I) have been friends since they were babes.  We had a lovely time watching such beauty and art in the dancers, their costumes and music.  So all of the dance routines include girls…until….the next to the last; and here come 4 cute boys doing a Hip-Hop routine.  So that was indeed, my dear boys favorite!  And he’s considering dance lessons….hmmmm.  I love exposing to him to the art of dance with such beauty and grace, as well as the different styles of dance and music.  He’s wanting to hear more of the Phantom of the Opera music since that was one of the tunes included.

Our evening landed us at home, with Dad and Bub at the deer lease doing some clean up work.  All were joyfully delighted with my offering for dinner of beans and rice….I have a great bean recipe I’ve been making for many years now and it’s a hit.

So, I’m off to read.  My soul has been at rest today and it has worshiped quietly and joyfully amoung few.

God’s best to you and yours,



The Wag of the Tail: the welcoming spirit of a dog

It’s strange  how when you lose someone you begin to look for perhaps something to replace that void.  Completely impossible.  It wasn’t a month after my dear FIL passed away and I responded to a friend of a friend’s request for possible care of their precious toddler part time.  After conversation with my husband and prayer, I knew that wasn’t what I was to do.  In fact, my husband’s response was, “Don’t you think you need a bit of a break?”  When my mother in love had passed away, it wasn’t long before we moved my FIL, “PawPaw,” in with us.  Our family worked as a team to help care for him and love on him.  Most interestingly, we never sat down and said “You do this, you do that”; we all seemed to operate in our strengths for the most part, each one of us bringing something different to the table.

So a few months later I began a search for a Schnauzer.  Tony and I had two Schnauzers before the kids came along:  Scruffy and Toot-Toot.  We loved those dogs.  Their passing would have been much harder on us had our kids not been very young, keeping us busy!  I searched and searched…and found my searching was becoming a bit obsessive.  Tony had finally acquiesced to a second dog.  Yep, that’s right.  We already have a dog.  But he’s an outside dog, and I was looking for an inside dog.

My obsessiveness was an alarm that went off inside me and I backed off.  I decide to “Love the dog your with.”  Each of us loves on our dear dog, but there are times when I’m sure he goes through periods of neglect.  And I’m sure with the caring of PawPaw, there had been some of that.  So every night I began taking time after dinner to go sit on the back porch in the rocker and brush him.  He was very receptive!  I began taking time to throw the ball for him, which he loves chasing after….if only he’d learn to “drop” the ball so I don’t have to fight him for it!  We’ve worked on that with some treats, which he gladly exchanges the ball for a treat…but then we run out and I forget to pick up more at the store.  Alas, I go back to fighting him for it sometimes.  Then I started taking him with me during our walking time.  Then it was winter and I started letting him stay in during the night.  Yes, read between the lines:  SPOILED.  He thinks he now belongs inside. He comes in, checks out a few spots where food might have been dropped, and then lays himself down on the cool floor.  It’s now near summer here, and he’s back outside for a while, but still thinking he belongs inside with us.

20151106_090147 (2)

What I came to enjoy about loving the dog I was with was this:  almost every time I interact with him, he wags his tail for me.  He looks up at me with those big brown eyes and wags his tail.  His wagging tail is a smile for me – and I smile back.  He’s happy.  And that makes me happier.



Stone Sunday Chronicles

Today began early with a near 4am frantic knock at the door, not once but twice!  I was already a bit awake, but this was a cause for my husband to be woke up.  He handled it like it was nothing (because he’s a near 20 year veteran police officer) – yet something more, because he was protecting his family.  It was a teen boy and girl on our front porch – their friend had been yanked out the car, assaulted and the keys taken by the assailant.  Husband called 911 and didn’t step out until the police showed up.  *Sigh*.  The boy beaten up is someone we are familiar with – several summers back he spent much time down the street at a neighbor boy’s home.  The neighbor’s  momma had to eventually cut all ties with him as he was becoming a bad influence on her son.  I’ve prayed for this boy since then (and since then he continues to run into trouble with the law for truancy and theft).  So last night was a reminder:  keep praying; he’s not hit rock bottom.  And this is not the first time he’s been beat up.  I’m praying he turns around before it gets unsurvivable.  All I could think about last night as I tried to go back to sleep was how his Momma might feel – him being out (in HER car) at 4 in the morning and getting beat up.  How heartbroken I would feel if these were the choices my boys were making.  She’s a single mom, from what I remember.  I know God can rescue Him.  I’m praying He does.  Will you lift him up and ask God to send help for a turn-around?  A do-over?

So, corporate worship we missed, but serving we did 😉  Our preschool class is a high-light of our Sunday.  At one point, I had them sitting on the floor so I could give them some information before we headed outside….and one after the other kept getting up to give me a hug.  It was hilarious and heartwarming!  Now I’m realizing that perhaps it was because my family was out last week!  I completely  believe in having consistency in ANY ministry, but especially with children.  It is so much better for them to be able to adjust to new teachers each August and those same folks show up week after week to love on them and tell them the Good News, not to mention the opportunity to connect with their parents.  JOY!

Husband was out pittin’ yesterday so we had some fine pork but with KFC sides.  Boys did some dish washing and putting away as they are the elected dishwashers since ours is fried.  Maybe we’ll get that replaced next month.  This month:  we are repairing my driver door which was pummeled by a doe a week ago Friday.  *Sigh*  It has been one thing after another….I refuse to give up my joy over these trials that are light and momentary troubles, achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. (2 Corinthians 4:17 NIV).  But I have lost it at times…mainly over the dishes, hence, boys are now evening dishwashers.  Tony and I sat in the swing outside Friday evening, watching them through the kitchen window work together – dancing to loud music.  It was lovely!  I think the dishes were clean….

Our evening ended at church to hear our Pastor’s vision for reaching 10K households in 3 years, and what that would mean for our church.  It is very exciting.  I want to be challenged in this area – to reach others for Christ.  I’m looking forward to how God asks OUR family to engage others in the hopes of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Something I saw today:  the heart of one of my boys turn around quickly when he’s realized his response was not respectful (and I didn’t give him the evil eye to let him know).  And the heart of the other boy, who complained about going out to the lake area of our church to pray – and then found fun at the end with some Frisbee, fellowship, fishing, and popsicles.  He apologized on the way home for his bad attitude….not a bad ending, eh?