I love my Lord and the life He has blessed me with.   I’m fun loving and find it easy to laugh.  I find that chocolate is a necessity if one has children (IMHO) and have been known to make up chocolate frosting if simply desparate!  I also enjoy popcorn with parmesan cheese sprinkled on it. One my favorite movies is the unsuspecting Spanish Prisoner with Steve Martin.  The music is utterly fantabulous!  My favorite season is fall and in Texas it never comes soon enough for me.  If I had any extra spare time you’d find me reading good fiction.  I’m currently part of a team of mom’s that began a new ministry at our church, Generation M.  It is for mothers of all ages and in all stages!  I serve as the bible study coordinator and have the pleasure of writing our study questions and teaching on our passage once a month.  My husband and I also teach our youngest son’s kindgergarten class at Sunday School. We find it a joy to share the love of Christ with these sweet children!

I’ve been married for 18 years to a wonderful man.  He works hard as the Lieutenant of Patrol, Standard Field Sobriety Instructor and off-duty Security officer so that I can be at home with our two boys.   Recently we began our homeschool adventure.  I am loving the freedom and flexibility homeschooling brings to our lives.  And in the process, I get to learn how to be disciplined, as this seems to be a weak area of mine.  And thanks to our pastor and the leadership of our church, we are becoming more intentional in leading our children to have a Christ centered life.

I have a strong faith and have been a Christian for over 20 years.   I have probably dealt with anxiety all of my life, but after having my first child it began to manifest itself in physically painful ways.   I have been healed from the anxiety attacks and I praise the Lord for that!  Becoming intentional about slowing down the hurry in me is still quite a challenge.  But progress has been made.  I can at least say I no longer get anxious when I’m in line somewhere for a service, and it’s taking me a bit longer than the person behind me would like…I now consider it their opportunity to practice patience, for this is what I teach my children when we are on the receiving end of “practicing patience.”

I’m also interested in developing my writing skills, and blogging was suggested as a way to do that!


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