Away in A Manger

Shepherd Boy Gabriel welcoming Baby Jesus

Yesterday Sammy and I decided to forego his naptime so he could go with me to pick up some additions to our nativity scene.  This year I was after a Shepherd to add, but while I was there decided to pick up the Gloria Angel as well.  The angel I have used in the past is from Southern Living and is currently laying on the counter in pieces, waiting for me to find the cement glue and fix her.  This morning Sammy was adament that I make the effort to rescue the Three Wise Men from the office closet.  They are also from Southern Living and were a gift to me quite a few years ago.  I think they are beautiful.

I have waited YEARS to purchase a nativity scene because I was never happy with the face of baby Jesus.  Yes, that’s my past perfectionism at work.  However, I have learned that I know what I’m looking for and when I find it, I KNOW that’s IT.  Thus, there’s a lot of waiting involved since I don’t become obsessive about the hunt.

Sawyer visiting with the Holy Family
Sawyer visiting with the Holy Family

So I purchased the Holy Family probably about 3 years ago.  It is made by Fontanini.  “The figures are made in Italy of virtually unbreakable, child-friendly polymer.”  Other than being quite pleased with how baby Jesus looks, that was the 2nd plus to this collection.  In fact, I think I saw this collection probably a year before I purchased it, knowing when I saw it that is was the ONE for me.

When Sammy was little(r) I wanted him to be able to play with nativity set and not get crazy about it getting broke.  Now Sawyer Wayne is having his turn with it as well and it is precious to watch them.  The first night we set them out, Sammy took them down and put them in the Noah’s Ark boat, with the Webbles House and Barn, and they were traveling to their new home.  LOVED IT!  They were all back in the boat last night.

My only rules are the figures are to be returned before we eat/leave the house/before naptime and bedtime.  When I came in yesterday from my Mothers League meeting (which was wonderful, by the way!), I didn’t see baby Jesus anywhere.  So the hunt was on.  Sammy found him and we returned him to his rightful place.

Jesse Tree and Nativity Scene
Jesse Tree and Nativity Scene

We are also enjoying our Jesse Tree.  We missed doing our Jesse Tree ornament and reading last night so we will double up tonight.  Sammy was up early so he has already colored his ornaments.  This morning at the table I brought our nativity scene and read to the boys out of Matthew (?) about the Shepherds and Angels.  We’ve also been listening every morning during breakfast and while I cook diner a CD I purchased last year that has the reading of the Birth of Jesus – it is lovely and so soothing.

He is indeed our Reason for the Season.  It is my hope to make changes each year, by His design, to honor Him as we celebrate.  It is so NOT about us or the gifts – it is ALL about HIM and the gift of HIS birth.  He is worth celebrating!


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