Celebrating Memorial Day

Yesterday my Sammy kept asking about the soldiers and so Tony begins to explain about those who died so we could live in a free country.  It has sparked many questions with in-depth answers, so I decided to stick with the basics – we live in a free country and people fought and died so we could have that freedom. 

We began our day earlier than usual, which is fine, because I’m in serious need of an exercising body!  So after breakfast we headed to the track for some vigorous walking and bleachers.  Saw was excited when he was finally set free from the jogging stroller to do the bleachers with us and walk around for the cool down. 

So Sammy’s interest in our military lead us to our county’s Memorial Day service at the courthouse afterwards.  It was a wonderful opportunity for us to experience together the flag presentation, the many folks around us who had served our country, a bag pipe player, and the 21 gun salute.  Sammy’s least favorite was the music – which is Saw Wayne’s favorite!  We were even blessed with a Johnny on the Spot! 

We would have feasted at a local outdoor hotdog stand, but it was closed for the weekend.  So we settled for Sonic hot dogs and took the to the Penick Park – that we only had to share with 3 other people!  I was shocked!  Sammy’s request for this park certainly must have been Father’s intervention as I was headed for the crowded Gladewater Park.  We enjoyed our lunch and the cool breeze and shade of the park. 

 I am pooped whenever we don’t get to take a nap – it’s like I hit a wall around 3pm that says “Cannot get past!!”  Unfortunately if I’m not granted some quiet and stillness, I can get rather fussy!  Yuck!  Fortunately Tony intervened (after some coaxing!  He’d been fishing all day and pooped  himself), and he went to get the motor to a water slide some friends had given us.  So this provided some much needed relief to a tired Mom as I had some quiet moments to myself in the kitchen cooking vegetable quesadillas.   This weekend I have almost jumped through hoops to keep from any complex cooking.  I even fed my family sandwiches for Sunday dinner – but they were loaded with veggies, along with a fresh fruit salad, chips and pickles.   Maybe it’s the heat?

So now my kids are in bed and perhaps I’ll end up there before 10pm, which would be unusually early!   The kids are off to Auntie’s tomorrow so I’ve cancelled my organizational help and will either spend some quiet time at home or run some errands alone.  Then I have to head out to Lindale for produce pick-up.  Which reminds me, I may can catch a yoga class on the way in!  Wouldn’t that be splendid?


I love yoga

A few weeks ago I had signed up to go here for a yoga basics workshop.  I had been to one in March and was so looking forward to returning.  It is a real treat for me to go b/c of the cost and the gas to get there. 

So why I kept trying to find excuses not to go, is quite surprising!  What’s up with that??  Here were a few:

  1. Do I really need a “Mom’s Time Out?”  Maybe it would be good for me to stay home and we could all go somewhere fun, instead of just spending money on ME!  (I really needed a MTO – how did I know?? I was getting frustrated with SW – the one who throws few kinks in the system in this family!)
  2. I’ll have to get up and get ready (Like, I’m normally up at least by 7:30 since that’s when Sammy gets up – and then I make coffee and get ready…nothing new here)  I was actually up at 6:30 with SW and fell out on the couch until 7:30, when Sammy woke up.
  3. My body hurts this morning in many places, i.e., my lower back, both hips (and going to Yoga will indeed relieve at least 90% if not all of this pain…no excuse, sister).

So, I got up, made coffee (Pumpkin Spice dairy creamer is out!), showered, fixed breakfast and was out the door with only SW crying.   The guys did indeed have a great time together while I was gone, and I came back with a less pain, good mood, and glad to see my family!  No nasty momma today!  Hey, Hey!

I had a great practice today – ahhh.  That’s why my body says.  Ever since I tried yoga (and was consistently practicing several years ago), I’ve known my body LOVES yoga!  So I’m checking here to attend a class this next week, and possibly consider a monthly obligation.  Paula was my first Yoga teacher and has a special place in my heart!  With Tony’s schedule I could easily land there twice per week.  And get this – my Love is going with me for next months workshop!!  We both suffer from sciatica nerve pain (aka “Psychotic” nerve pain) and her workshop is on hip openers.  Wow!  We need that! 

So here’s my dream.  I would so like to be able to teach yoga some day.   There.  I said it.