Stone Sunday Chronicles

Today was a spectacular day full of rest, family, and friends.  I had originally planned to be at an educational conference this weekend with the hopes of finishing the weekend with friends in Frisco.  Ah, but we’ve had one financial excitement after another, so no conference this year nor weekend away.  But I had scheduled a substitute for our pre-k class at church today, so this is how things unfolded in our family on our day of rest.

Since our coffee maker broke, the rule is, whoever wakes up first on Saturday goes to get the coffee…and since we couldn’t get coffee at church today, husband was the coffee man.  After breakfast, he took our youngest and went to finish a paint job he’s working on.  Youngest said he had a fabulous time, and for a while was entertained by a vice by crushing things, as well as two jumping spiders.  By the way, today was no electronics day for either boy.  We’ve been on a break for a week, so they’ve had more free time for screen….and I think they’re fried.  Not the screens, but the boys!

So, no screen time amounted to this LOVELY vision of our oldest on the couch, relaxing and READING.  Oh, I can’t tell you how I adore such scenes.  This is my boy who has been busy from the words “in my womb”….always  on the go.  He played some ball.  Then read some more.  Visited some neighbors.  Read some more.

I piddled.  Now, the dictionary’s definition of piddle is this:  to spend time in a wasteful, trifling, or ineffective way.,  However, I don’t agree with that definition.  Piddling can be productive…and pleasurable.  So that’s what I did.  Nothing hard, but relaxing piddling.   Part of my piddling including drawing with my new coloring pencils our oldest gave me for Mother’s Day.  I also did some repotting of plants.  I made another bird feeder out of an empty vinegar jug.  Love watching my birds at the feeder.

The mid afternoon sent us flying down the road to exchange boys.  Youngest and I headed off to the dance recital of a dear friend -we’ve been friends (and her mom and I) have been friends since they were babes.  We had a lovely time watching such beauty and art in the dancers, their costumes and music.  So all of the dance routines include girls…until….the next to the last; and here come 4 cute boys doing a Hip-Hop routine.  So that was indeed, my dear boys favorite!  And he’s considering dance lessons….hmmmm.  I love exposing to him to the art of dance with such beauty and grace, as well as the different styles of dance and music.  He’s wanting to hear more of the Phantom of the Opera music since that was one of the tunes included.

Our evening landed us at home, with Dad and Bub at the deer lease doing some clean up work.  All were joyfully delighted with my offering for dinner of beans and rice….I have a great bean recipe I’ve been making for many years now and it’s a hit.

So, I’m off to read.  My soul has been at rest today and it has worshiped quietly and joyfully amoung few.

God’s best to you and yours,



A Soft Landing

Soft landing. This is how I describe my dear Judy’s home. I’ve known here for over 15 years since she first help me get my sinuses under control after moving back to East Texas. She has no title..but for us, she’s our homeopathic “go-to” gal and we love her like a dear part of our family. My boys LOVE to go to Mrs. Judy’s house and she loves them. Their favorite snack there is apples with peanut butter and honey and today she served up some cooked turkey meat (which reminded me to add the turkey to my shopping list). The only thing that would make a trip to her house better in my boys humble opinion, is if they could pet the dogs! Bessie is a large boxer – beautiful, and they’ve recently acquired a new mixed bred named Sadie. We look forward to the day when they can go outside with the dogs, but until then there are visits across the gate when we drive up and checking them out through the kitchen door window.

Grateful for her. Thankful for when I can experience a bit of heaven on this side. And blessed that my boys experience this relationship between us and her.

Funny – I noticed a bottle of essential oil while in her kitchen; read the label “Peace and Calm” – took a whiff and pretended to douse myself with it! I got to leave with some and used it tonight with some lotion and then a bit on my wrist. Yummy.

Well, my next soft landing today (other than my home of course) was dinner with my Mother’s Leauge friends. Girls Night Out is priority on my list when the calendar comes out. We laughed. And laughed. Grateful for these precious women in my life at such a vital time. I couldn’t be a Godly mother without my Heavenly Father. I couldn’t be a sane mother without my husband’s love and support. And I think I’d be sorely missing out on something unexplained if I didn’t have my Mom friends who are in the trenches with me.

So my next soft landing is my BED! With my new flannel PJ’s! Goodnight 🙂

Where are all the trees???

Today was the day.  After a leisurely lunch at McDonalds it was time to head for the Danville Tree Farm.  We were delighted to run into some friends of ours there as we all were able to ride the tractor to see what we could find in the back lot of….where are all the trees???  As I saw the lot we usually found our tree in, there were maybe 20 standing….well, they must be going around the corner to the next lot.  No.  This was it.  In my mind I thought “There’s really no need for us to get off – we might as well ride on back!”  But this is my Sammy’s favorite thing about Christmas thus far, riding the tractor.  Sammy enjoyed going on a tree hunt with our friends while Tony and I looked around only to find 8-10 foot trees.  I sent him back to the tractor dude as he was loading up to make sure “Is this it??” – “Yep.  This is it.  We close tomorrow.”  Hmmm.  After riding back to the front without a tree, we saw two small trees we walked to and checked out – they were leaning…really leaning.  So we left without a tree.   NOTE TO SELF – schedule this earlier next year!

Here we are on the tractor headed for the back lot!
Here we are on the tractor headed for the back lot!
Me and the kids checking out a tree...can you tell it's over 6'??  I think it was 8'!!  Now that's a Chevy Chase Christmas tree in our house!
Me and the kids checking out a tree...can you tell it's over 6'?? I think it was 8'!! Now that's a Chevy Chase Christmas tree in our house!
Our friends found their tree!  Do you see any others around it????
Our friends found their tree! Do you see any others around it????
They are great brothers - aren't they cute!!?
They are great brothers - aren't they cute!!?
Now THAT'S the size tree I wanted!!!  I think they didn't quite make the pun intended!
Now THAT'S the size tree I wanted!!! I think they didn't quite make the pun intended!
So after talking with Sammy we headed for a tree lot near the mall.  I explained to him that I could only spend so much on a tree and that if we didn’t find one within our budget, we’d have to use the “tree in the box” at home.  I found a great $15 tree and Sammy liked the $25 tree, but in the end he decided we’d do the tree in the box.  So to home we came, I put up the tree in the box – and he loved it. 

Perhaps I’m looking for this perfect experience at the tree farm that I have yet to experience.  My kids will smile at the camera.  Every one will be happy.   Well, maybe next year.  We’ll try again.  A little earlier.

Our kids were asleep at 7:30  – wow.  Now that’s a rare blessed experience!  Although now Sammy is up and not wanting to go back to bed (he fell asleep on the couch while I was putting Sawyer down after he had a meltdown over pudding.)  That will be no fun.   Hopefully he will enjoy the “snowflakes” Dad just finished attaching to the ceiling…nope.  They’re monsters.  We’ve yanked em off the ceiling and now they are both howling at the moon – even with the door closed.  I’m sorry – did someone say this mom and dad gig was suppose to be fun???  Ugh.

Well, it took me forever to get my photos right.  My Sammy has just walked in to apologize for his attitude – this is good.  Poor kid – he has problems with his mouth like his mom and dad.

Mom’s Time Out

Tonight was “Mom’s Time Out” and I was so elated to go!  We’ve had a great week, but I’m always glad to have time away.  As I remind Sammy, “it’s so I can come home and be a nicer Momma.  Don’t you want Momma to be nicer?” Sometimes his answer has been “No!”  Tonight was one of those nights that neither of the boys wanted me to leave – which I’m sure made Tony wish I’d have mercy on him and cancel my night out!  Alas, I ran out the door!

I’ve been so blessed these last 2 years to be involved with our local Mother’s League.  I was invited back then by a church friend, and after praying about it realized it was something I needed – to connect with other Mom’s with kids my age.  Although my Sunday school class provided wonderful relationships, none of them included women with kids my age.  So this group has been a beautiful blessing to me.   Everytime I’ve been with them I always leave glad that I had spent my time with them, realizing I’m “normal” and so are my kids!  So tonight I got to hang out and have fun at Chili’s with two gals from this group.  We had great appetizers and desserts, as well as shared more of our lives and laughed, laughed and laughed. 

Everyone was glad when I arrived home!  I guess that’s the way it should be!