The Grocery Shopping Daze

In a daze.  That’s what I am when grocery shopping with my two, cute, sweet, adorable, BOYS.  The youngest is too big to ride in the buggy, that is, except that big ‘0 car buggy at Kroger that takes every bit of my leg power to push!  My youngest (3) is really not the challenge, but my dear 6 year old.  Grocery shopping with my Sammy has been challenging since he learned he could get out of the two-seater Walmart cart.  I remember one time I even had Daddy have a talk with him about cooperating with Momma, staying in the cart, blah, blah, blah.  And here we are, 4 years later, and I hate grocery shopping days.  And especially on this day, my mind drifts to the thought that I’d have an easier go at this if I stuck him in school and didn’t homeschool….on these days, the yellow bus looks appealing. 

I’ve tried everything to embrace shopping day.  Organized.  Unorganized.  Have them help me.  Have them hold the cart.  Allow them to run up and down the isle.  Don’t allow them to do previous mentioned.  Reward.  Punishment.  Smile genuinely.  Fake smile.  Grab arm and whisper in their ear.  Speak loudly so that an isle over can hear me.  Have breakfast at Chick-fil-a and shop early.  Have lunch at Chick-fil-a and shop late.  Leave them at home with Dad and shop at night.  Leave them with my Mom and hurry-shop during the day. 

So we shopped at Albertson’s today to spend $20 (I spent $40…that tells me something about Albertsons and why I don’t shop there) so I could get a Jennie-O Turkey CHEAP.  Then we went to Krogers for big shopping and my effort was to have the boys take turn being my helpers and they would get paid.  Somewhere in that they both ended up pushing the cart, which was really nice and helpful.  But the end of the trip was a kicker….with my buggy LOADED, I asked Sammy to help pull from the front – and this lead to a scrape on his boots which I still don’t know if he actually got hurt, but the blood-curdling scream that came several seconds later…was because??  Which annoyed me…..then I try to manuever my buggy (LOADED) past this white car….and get stuck on their side mirror…which actually moves back in place, but then a 2 gallon water falls off from underneath while I’m trying to make sure my out-of-control-loaded-buggy does NOT scrape with white car….Sawyer says “Mom, the water!”  I’m yelling “Really!  Do I get to have any more frustrations today?????”  and yell at Sawyer to just leave the water!  But he picks it up and lugs it to the car…sweet boy.  As oldest finally pulls it together (’cause I’m not thinking he was hurt) and then runs his mouth when I try to tell him I didn’t intend to hurt him or his boots…I’m realizing I’m melting and should not have turned down the LARGE Hershey’s Chocolate bar Sammy offered me at checkout! 

I’m at a loss here.  Unless I just simply decide, it is what it is and it won’t always be this way.  At this point, the yellow school bus is not an option! LOL!  And I’m grateful it’s not, as we have some marvelous times.  But the next time it’s grocery shopping day and Sammy offers me some chocolate, I’ll say “Thank you for reminding me I need chocolate!”  And pick up a Sonic diet vanilla coke on the way home!    Alas, my pantry and fridge are full with two turkeys in the freezer.  We’ve all had a nap and supper tonight is an Easty chicken Tortilla Soup.  For this, and God’s grace that we are now smiling again, I am thankful!


Still worshipping….and waiting

The last 2 Sundays have found us late to church. Last week: Tony got called out on the way to church; had to turn around so he could get his work vehicle and we went on to church, so no singing, just Pastor’s message. At 8:30am. We had MVP (most valuable parent) responsibilites in Sawyer’s class. This week, Tony received several calls during the night (I was already awake, anyway) and was awake well until 6am. I awoke at 7:54am. Fortunately, I didn’t turn into a crazy momma. But we were late and missed the music – again. Yet still, I found myself wishing Pastor would hurry through his points ’cause of my dear Sammy who seemed to have ants in his pants! I can see he and I need to do a bit of role play – I think this would help him. And yet, I think he is quite “normal.” I was getting a bit nervous when Pastor was still on his first point – so I looked down and saw he only had 2 points! This was good news. Ugh. I need to learn how to function better. However, rejoicing that my Sammy enjoyed “children’s church” which has a bit many kids in it and is loud – 2 things that doesn’t always go well for him. We had extended session today (voluteer help in pre-school) so this was were he had to be.

So I’m still worshipping. And waiting. Waiting for my Sammy to learn to sit still-er and for me to turn into that warm and fuzzy curled up cat (see previous post on Worshipping with One Eye Open). And perhaps by that time (grinning), Sawyer Wayne will have joined us! And although he is still boy, I rejoice that he is not so busy 🙂

I hope to post my Christmas blog soon with photos and how Father has been at work in my heart this Christmas season through several songs. He is so worth our adoration and praise. Oh, how I love Him and am utterly entralled by His wonderful love for me!

A Soft Landing

Soft landing. This is how I describe my dear Judy’s home. I’ve known here for over 15 years since she first help me get my sinuses under control after moving back to East Texas. She has no title..but for us, she’s our homeopathic “go-to” gal and we love her like a dear part of our family. My boys LOVE to go to Mrs. Judy’s house and she loves them. Their favorite snack there is apples with peanut butter and honey and today she served up some cooked turkey meat (which reminded me to add the turkey to my shopping list). The only thing that would make a trip to her house better in my boys humble opinion, is if they could pet the dogs! Bessie is a large boxer – beautiful, and they’ve recently acquired a new mixed bred named Sadie. We look forward to the day when they can go outside with the dogs, but until then there are visits across the gate when we drive up and checking them out through the kitchen door window.

Grateful for her. Thankful for when I can experience a bit of heaven on this side. And blessed that my boys experience this relationship between us and her.

Funny – I noticed a bottle of essential oil while in her kitchen; read the label “Peace and Calm” – took a whiff and pretended to douse myself with it! I got to leave with some and used it tonight with some lotion and then a bit on my wrist. Yummy.

Well, my next soft landing today (other than my home of course) was dinner with my Mother’s Leauge friends. Girls Night Out is priority on my list when the calendar comes out. We laughed. And laughed. Grateful for these precious women in my life at such a vital time. I couldn’t be a Godly mother without my Heavenly Father. I couldn’t be a sane mother without my husband’s love and support. And I think I’d be sorely missing out on something unexplained if I didn’t have my Mom friends who are in the trenches with me.

So my next soft landing is my BED! With my new flannel PJ’s! Goodnight 🙂

Praying with one eye open!

Funny, I was thinking about my last blog post today (Worshipping with one eye open!) while in church – not realizing it was the last post I’d made!  But today I was laughing as Tony went to take my hand during the last prayer and I was laughing (quietly, of course) and praying with eyes open as Sammy was slipping into the isle…ready to GO!   Pastor Glynn is a wonderful man of God and preacher/teacher of God’s Word, yet I find myself wishing he would get on with it so that church is over!  This, of course, is only due to the movability of my son!  Today I was telling the Lord while in church that I felt like a black momma cat with it’s back arched and claws dug in – and I wanted to be that fluffy gray kitty with brown spots all curled up and comfy. 

I WAS grateful for the portion of Pastor’s message that I heard (with my ears consciously, Thanking Father in advance for whatever portion I “missed” would make it to His Spirit living in me).  It was on coveting.  I appreciate the opportunity to take that back to Father for His examination in my heart.  We are in the process of decluttering again as it seems the walls are closing in (and there’s not even a Christmas tree up yet!).  I have experienced Father’s gifts of things needed…and even wanted.  And when I see His hand bring a gift – oh, the joy!  And then His joy b/c of MY joy over His gift!  So, I ushered to Him all that is in my living room (even my dresser and coffee table, hand-made by my great-grandpaw Roberts and my grandmother’s small library table – one of her first pieces of furniture).  Everything is HIS.  So declaring He may take out and put in whatever HE wants!  And wondering if I should read up on Feng Shui! 🙂

And speaking of bringing in – He brought in some cool curtain panels for our bedroom that I’m anxious to tea stain and hang this week!  And needing to google if 100% polyester will tea stain!

Yesterday we sang a song by Chris Tomlin “I Will Rise.”  One of the fav part of the lyrics is “I will rise when He calls my Name” – I know this full  well, as well as I know my name, He WILL call my name one day and I WILL see Him face to face.  It IS well with my soul.


Worshipping with one eye open

This was me today in worship. My Sammy is now in worship with us.  I can’t say that I’ve been ready for this day, but it is here.  Today was actually his 2nd time in a row to be in worship.  For some time I’ve enjoyed the joy of closing my eyes while singing worship songs – this keeps any distractions out and for me, helps me to visualize the One I’m singing for, to and because of.  It helps me to internalize the Truth of the words I’m singing, so that they become more than words. 

But with my Sam beside us, now I’ve got one eye open…knowing he’s capable of catching Mom not looking, and deciding to perhaps…crawl over the pew, run down to the front and tell the worship leader the music is too loud for him, draw on the pew, get into my purse and eat ALL of our favorite mints for church.  I’m sure there are others.  It keeps things interesting and me laughing (most of the time).

But as we talked about how pleased we were with his behavior in worship today, we talked about how glad Mom and Dad were to have him there – to worship God as a family.  And we talked about looking forward to the day when Saw Wayne was with us as well.  What a blessing to worship together.


His funny the other day:  “Mom, when I go to be with Jesus, can I still talk when I’m in the dirt (buried)?” 

I love that kid.

Back to the basics

Last night I was blessed to have a Mom’s Time Out with my ML friends.  I had about an hour spare time, so I headed to Starbucks and took out my Bible, asking Father for HELP!  My responses to my Sammy had not been God-honoring the past several days.  I apologized to him before we left, but knew I needed Father’s direction.  So He and I went to 1 Corinthians 13 – the LOVE chapter! 

So I’m back to the basics.  Love is patient.  Love is kind.

Although I had apologized to Sammy, that wasn’t enough.  I was delighted to sit down with him and let him know I’d met with Father and showed him the scripture He had directed me to, confessing that Momma had not been patient nor kind, but that she wanted to be because she loves God and she loved him.  He seemed to be quite receptive to the process Mom went through to make things right with God and right with him.

I don’t like messing up, but since I do it fairly often, I guess I better get used to it!  My hope and prayer is that my children see me running to Father, unashamedly approaching His throne of grace.  He is faithful to forgive when we confess. 

Thanking Father for all that transpires to allow me the opportunity to practice patience and kindness, demonstrating His love to my children through these attributes.  I have already had opportunity this morning as I’ve battled a neighbor’s runaway dog, shaving cream, toothpaste, a fish hook in a batman cape, and a 2 year old that continues to have to poo-poo whenever I decide it’s time to start school!

Patience ran off with my sense of humor..

It doesn’t take much to make me laugh and I like that about myself.  Although I laughed rather easily while in the workforce, it has been a bit more challenging at home.  Which, while in the kitchen getting lunch ready, I realized that I just needed to RELAX and LAUGH!  Laugh at the interruptions, the messes, oh the messes made by these sweet, cute, adorable and FUNNY boys! 

Enjoy.  Embrace.  Laugh.  Love. 

So here I am for a quick note to remind myself of my humanity and reflect on Christ’s sustaining power and strength.  When the boys wake up, WE are going to have us some FUN!

I’m off for a quick and necessary nap!

Oh, I was just on the Living Proof website looking up info about the Beth Moore simulcast I’ll be attending this weekend.  This sentence was part of a description of Beth (which I totally agree with) – “She is a woman of purpose, preparation, prayer and passion.”  Those are admirable qualities I need posted – and I think I’ll add “patient” to mine!