What a great day we’ve had!  We’ve done the following:

Worshipped with other Believers

Kids played on the CLEANED water slide while Tony cooked fish and I read my book

We had fresh fried fish for dinner! Yum!

Dad took Sammy’s training wheels off and we practiced a bit

Napped – and I got to read with a small nap!

Snack time

Boys did a white crayon on white paper drawing and then water colored – they were declared “Masterpieces” and are hanging on the fridge

Dad left for baseball practice.  Yes.  Practice with a bat, ball and running involved.  The “police” are playing against the “firemen” again this month for a benefit. 

Boys picked up their room and put their clothes away SO THAT

We could go see dad practice, do some more bike riding for Sammy to practice and go to the spray park.

Sammy did FANTASTIC riding without his training wheels.  We kept practicing until he could go farther without my help – and then kaboom!  He fell – got a bad scrape on his hand.  That ended bike riding for today!  What was so cool was that before Sammy would head off on his bike he would say “God is with me.”  We also said a prayer telling Him thankyou for our bike and give me courage to ride (without the training wheels).  Isn’t that great?

Playing in the spray park caused his bo-bo to sting, so we packed up as Dad was heading out.  SO, we thought Sammy definately needed a DQ icecream for doing such a great job and trying without training wheels!  So we packed up and headed to DQ where dad and I enjoyed watching the boys eat their icecream and we enjoyed dinner (promising “girl soup” (Campbell Disney soup) to the boys when we got home.   What is it about DQ’s Tacos that are so good???

It’s been a fantastic day!  And I’m so proud of my Sammy!


A good reason to visit Nacogdoches

I finally was given a great reason to head down to Nacogdoches, Texas – The Texas Blueberry Festival!  Me and the kids, along with my Mom, loaded up this morning and headed South.  My first stop (after 2 potty breaks for Sammy!) was the Sunshine Mart (hoping for a potty break myself).  This was where my college friend, Tracie and I, would purchase our fountain drinks and toodle-do around town.  No potty break there as their toilet was stopped up…I think I’ll pass.  So I was glad to see this after we finally parked…

A welcomed sight...
A welcomed sight...
We made our way to the festival and found the LONG, yet quick moving line, for the fresh blueberries.  (I’ll post pick of blueberries later -they are lovely!). 
A kind man took our photo – Sammy already looks worn out from standing in line for the blueberries – he won’t be sad tomorrow when he has some with his cereal for breakfast!
We were glad to have our MeMe along with us!
We were glad to have our MeMe along with us!
I was blessed to run into a Mother’s League member I’ve missed seeing lately – Elizabeth.  What a joy to see her!  And I’m jealous, she is FROM Nacogodoches! 
We drove through the college campus – it has changed so much.  What a fun time that was for me attending college at SFA.  I hope to go back when we can walk through campus. 
The boys and I finished out our day in the back yard with the water slide.  The boys were excited I chose to join them in the pool part to cool off.  Tony had a successful day fishing with a buddy and is off to baseball security.  The kids are now asleep and I’m headed to bed to take in the last hour of  Lonesome Dove. 
Cooling off at the end of the day
Cooling off at the end of the day

Making clean-up fun

The toys were beginning to take over the living room and even though the Chevy Chase Christmas tree is gone, we are still wall to wall here!  So in an effort to get some of those things back into the boys room, I instituted a Treasure Hunt – which to my delight, delighted my Sammy!  He was all on it!  Our first hunt was for everything with wheels – into the box!  Next came everything with 4 legs!  To this category we threw in toys with 2 legs – people.  Then I did a miscellaneus hunt – dare these things secretly be removed from the house??  Oh, the fun we had!  And it is obvious that my boys like to play with wheels and animals.  I’m checkin’ out some toys that could mysteriously disappear without so much as a word.  The two biggest finds of the day were Sammy’s “most favorite” car (I had no idea…) AND the “Batroller” (Sammy’s pronunciation for our TV controller).  The controller was found in the midst of many toys in the closet mess.  And we know our Sweet Sawyer Wayne was the culprit – he thinks it’s funny to run off with it!  No doubt was having his own personal pleasure of knowing where it was while daily I looked here and there for it.

So this morning at 3:30ish, both boys were crying.  I’m not sure what happened first – Sammy rolled onto the floor and woke up Sawyer, or Sawyer woke up crying and this caused Sammy to hit the floor.  Either way, I found myself in their room putting Sawyer back down.  Sammy dreamily says to me in his big-boy voice – “Momma, I knew we’d find that batroller.  That silly Sawyer Wayne.  But Momma, we didn’t find any feet. ”  I said “What?”  – “Feet, Momma.  We didn’t find any feet – like at the end of your legs.”  I almost snort-laughed!  Where did he get that???  Then he went right back to sleep.  I love it when he makes me laugh.