How I hid an icecream cone

the kids were in bed so I headed out for a diet vanilla coke (for me – my drug of choice), and T wanted an icecream cone. T was in bed watching TV so I wondered how I could get the cone past the kids bedroom without them seeing it – knowing it would cause a great disturbance. SO, I put a large plastic cup over it – and viola – no one suspected a thing!


Finding our happy face

Reading through my post on discovering the letter “S”, it reminded me of a cute Sammy story. 

It was last week sometime and he was having an attitude problem.  I think he’d already had to run laps that morning, probably for a bad attitude about chores.  Anyhow.  Whatever it was, I told him he might want to find his “happy face.”   And since my smile had left me because of his behavior, he thought I might need to find mine, too!

So when he woke up from his nap, he said “Guess what, Mom?  I found my happy face!  Know where it was?  On the snake down the road!  I did!  I went for a walk all by myself while you and Saw Wayne napped, and I found it!”  Died laughing, I did!  So I came back at him with, “Well guess what Sammy?  My happy face was on the squirrel!!!”  (See previous post to understand the humor!)

Yesterday when we were driving through the cave with the windows rolled down, he said “Momma!  I found me some joy!”  He makes my eyes cross sometimes, but I love that kid!

What caused me to spring out of bed

Hearing the garbage truck at 7:40am this morning, and knowing I had not set the garbage can to the curb last night, and remembering that I had missed the 7am garbage call LAST week.  This was the reason I sprang out of bed this morning.  And I don’t spring well.  

Come to find out, it was my neighbor’s garbage “call” across the street – who has a different one than me.  Sigh. 

So after springing out of bed so quickly, I decided not to do much of anything today.  Other than watch my children play while setting on my swing, take 2 walks today (one with MeMe, my mother, on a walking trail the boys could explore – and she kindly had us 3 over for pizza tonight). 

So now I’m up way past my bed time b/c I’ve finished part of the process of making my first tvorg (farmers cheese).  I don’t think it curdled enough…we shall see.  And have a load of clothes on to wash. 

I don’t think I’ll be doing much tomorrow, either!


Bummer.  We were hoping to get away this Sunday to Broken Bow in Oklahoma, but rain and thunderstorms are forecasted the entire time.  Blah.  I’ve tried to go in several different directions with no more than a 2 hour drive, but just not excited about any of those possibilites.  We really need to get away to do nothing.  I guess we’ll have to wait a few more weeks. 

I haven’t died again today – even though Sammy took an hour nap, Saw didn’t.  He hung out in his bed making toddlerisms and althought I laid down on the bed I couldn’t fall to sleep (b/c of the sweet/not-so-sweet todderlisms.  That’s two days in a row without a nap….and Tony teaching at night…I’m pooped!

I took the kids up to Tony’s class tonight – he likes to show his boys off.  Sammy was in rare form with a hoodie/sheriff’s belt and gun/makeshift walkie-talkie (from my last baby monitor).  CUTE!  He got to watch some students perform their field sobriety test and thought that was cool.  But what was REALLY neat was on the way to see daddy, I was a bit nauseated tired from more than 3 quick-fire questions, that I said “Let’s find some music.”  I found Sammy Hagar’s “I can’t drive 55!” and we jammed into Kilgore on that song – Sammy singing along in his make-shift walkie talkie.  Saw Wayne was passed out!  On the way home we went through the “bat cave” and I rolled his window down – he gets on his walkie-talkie calling his friend Josh to come help get the robbers of the train – Hurry! Josh!  You can use my bike!  I don’t mind.  Leave Ivy at home, she might get hurt!  Hurry!  Come quick, Josh!  We need you!

If I didn’t have kids I might get to sleep better…but I sure would miss some great times!  Thank you, Lord for my sweet babies!  And please!  Can I have a full-nights sleep????

Words that begin with the letter “A”

I thought I would sum up my Tuesday in honor of reinforcing the letter “A” as Sammy and I do to work on his alphabet.

Apparent – It was apparent, as my two children RAN to the donut display case, that eating donuts out was indeed a treat.

Applied – Sammy applied for his library card today!

Aggravated – I was aggravated by my eldest’s meltdown in Sears over a toy. 

Affordable – I found an affordable long-sleeve polo for Tony today (seasonal shopping – cost me $8.11!) ; it’s brown and he liked it!

Annoyed – I continue to secretly be annoyed when folks ask “Are those your children?”  It’s my premature gray hair that’s certainly throwing them off!  Look at my face, people!  Do I look like a granny!!?  The McAlister’s waitress was simply too young to realize you don’t ask that.  If she’d caught me on a bloated day, she would have probably asked if I was pregnant! 

Always – 7 can soup is ALWAYS good on a cold day! (1 lb. beef and  chopped onion cooked in dutch oven, add 3 cans minestrone (campbell’s), 2 cans Ranch Style Beans (rinsed), 1 can Rotel, 1 can stewed tomatoes (I cut these up and Tony prefers to blend them in the blender), 1 soup can of water; let simmer for 15-30 min.  Top with cheese.  Good with tortilla chips or corn muffins.)

Adorable – When Tony got home, he picked up SW, who was so adorable as he welcomed daddy home.  He put Tony’s police hat on and wore it the rest of the night.

After – After the kids went to bed and I got my kitchen back in order, I went to a friends house and enjoyed visiting with her while our Mom-tired bodies relaxed in a hot tub!

Addicted – I’ve stayed up tooooo late these past few nights catching up on Jack Bauer’s new undercover antics.  I’m hopelessly addicted once again.

Alright – It’s alright that we were gone all day from home.  Looks like we’ll be banished to the house on Wednesday due to the weather.

The ring, please…

Seeing as I’m short on sleep, my tolerance level is a bit low, as well as my motivation.  While putting Sammy down for a nap and SW was crying in his bed (and didn’t want his door shut..what’s that about??), I’m thinkin’ “I could really use that ring that Frodo was trying to destory in Lord of the Rings.  I could just put it on and “poof” right out of here and return when all is quiet…and the chores are done…and the kitchen is clean…and the floor is swept.”  Oh, well.

Then I realized in a brief moment (after all was quiet) that I am WAY too hard on myself.  We’re ditching this place after nap time and taking a cruise to the Library for some different scenery!  Thanks to the crockpot for cooking our soup while we’re gone.   And a few blogs I’ve surfed today that have suggested great children’s books I knew nothing about!

And yes, it’s a hot cocoa kindof day, Sammy.

A forgotten addiction

Last night around 11pm I finally sat down to watch 24.  I’d recorded since the season began but was a little iffy about devoting 2 hours to a show (for the premiere episode) after not having “needed” it for what, a year, now?  And I’d only caught a little bit of the 2 hour special a week before. 

No doubt about it, I’m hooked again.  Because of several stops to do assundry things, I stopped at 1.5 hours and went to bed at 1:15am this morning.  That’s way past my bed time so I’m glad today is nap day around here! 

I can’t wait to finish the first and catch up!

Oh, and I must go back and catch Jean G. (I’ll butcher her name) scene where she’s anxious and about to hyperventilate over details about a tense situation!  And something else made me chuckle – not finished with my coffee so maybe I’ll remember later. 

Despite my ease of laughter, it’s true.  I’m re-addicted to a show where no smiles, laughs, or cracks a joke (that I know of..).  Well, actually, the new female president (ugh..) does let a little smile slide when asking questions…she must be from the South.