Patience ran off with my sense of humor..

It doesn’t take much to make me laugh and I like that about myself.  Although I laughed rather easily while in the workforce, it has been a bit more challenging at home.  Which, while in the kitchen getting lunch ready, I realized that I just needed to RELAX and LAUGH!  Laugh at the interruptions, the messes, oh the messes made by these sweet, cute, adorable and FUNNY boys! 

Enjoy.  Embrace.  Laugh.  Love. 

So here I am for a quick note to remind myself of my humanity and reflect on Christ’s sustaining power and strength.  When the boys wake up, WE are going to have us some FUN!

I’m off for a quick and necessary nap!

Oh, I was just on the Living Proof website looking up info about the Beth Moore simulcast I’ll be attending this weekend.  This sentence was part of a description of Beth (which I totally agree with) – “She is a woman of purpose, preparation, prayer and passion.”  Those are admirable qualities I need posted – and I think I’ll add “patient” to mine!


Welcome Spring!~

I’ve got until Little Bear is over to blog, so here goes!

Welcome Spring!!  We have celebrated this wonderful weather by having a snow cone a few days ago and this morning we were able to return to our spring/summer/fall time ritual of me having my coffee and kids having breakfast outside on their picnic table.  That is, once I wiped off the polen…sigh…I’m thanking Father for His grander purpose for that yellow stuff that causes my Sammy to itch/swell/sneeze for several weeks at the beginning of spring.

Since last posting we’ve celebrated Saw’s birthday with a family fish and shrimp fry, took off for an overnight stay in Fort Worth – we had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe in Grapevine, then spent the day at the FW zoo.  Magical time being away.  We will make it to Beaver’s Bend sometime.  Oh, which reminds me, we purchased a trip to Branson and I think we’ll be going there in the summer.  Last Saturday we found ourselves at a walking trail exploring and having a picnic lunch.  It was rather damp and cold, but we were glad to be outside after 3 days of constant rain.

My Mom broke her arm almost 2 weeks ago now and had to have surgery to reset it.  We have been dog sitting her schnauzer, Max, since then.  He’s been a wonderful gentleman, and a sweet reminder to me of why I’m glad we no longer have dogs!  He’s been happy to explore our back yard and has been very good with the kids, including our neighbor’s kids.  But I was glad when Mom said she thought she’d be ready to get him back after he cast is put on!  Whew!

I have deeper thoughts to share, but will wait until later.  Today is yard clean-up and we need to pick up toys and sticks so Tony can mow.  And he requested lunch ready when he arrived back from working the bank – “Yes, Sir!” was my response!  That was an easy submission – not all come that way:)

I hope to share photos later of our recent explorations!  Happy Day!

Embracing the yuck – REJOICE

“Trouble is a  part of life.”  This was the beginning of what my daily prayer reminder said – which I read at 5:30pm today.  I would like to have known the possibility of that this morning.  In the midst of the “trouble” I found myself in it’s possible I might have, what? avoided it – recognizing it as trouble?  Highly probable – I would have ducked!  Personally, I’ve done my best to avoid trouble – however, sometimes it does find me out!  My Mom’s statement about me is that “you don’t mess up much, but when you do, you do it big!”  However, that was not the case today.  I didn’t mess up.  Praise Him, I’m not in control, but He is.  And “trouble” that comes my way is filtered through His LOVING hands FIRST before it “hits” me.  So despite the pain of the aforementioned “trouble”, I’m seeking to embrace what Father has to offer in it, holding on to Him and His promises of LOVE for me and my family.  His purpose for the pain will be worked out for His glory.  And because of Him, I can say “Shalom.”  And perhaps He continued to speak to me as I’ve rummaged through my cross-stitch stuff today and ran across a pattern that was out of place, wondering “why is this out of the folder??” It is an angel (beautiful….I can’t wait to order the materials for her) and she’s holding a sign that says “REJOICE.”